Holding on to Someday

👀Sneak Peek!👀

I was recently tagged by several author friends on Facebook to a 777 challenge…. show 7 lines from your WIP, starting with the 7th line on the 7th page.

Well…..this got me really excited about my second book which I’m working on edits now! SOOOOOOO… I’m posting another teaser here.

This teaser is from Leighton’s point of view (and gives a little more insight to Brexen’s character).

{A Half Made Whole © K. Leah}

I take in his appearance as they approach. He’s wearing black athletic pants, tennis shoes, and a long-sleeve T-shirt with some sports logo on it. His ball cap sits backward on his head with golden locks curling out from under the rim. He has a light, scruffy beard covering his face. My first thought is “OMG, he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on!”

When Bristol first started talking to me about her brother, I never envisioned he would look like this. I really did not envision him at all. I mean, I know they are twins, and Bristol is gorgeous, but picturing a male version of her never entered my mind. Obviously, they are not identical twins, but they really don’t even look that much alike. Bristol with her wild hair color of the month – which happens to be dark auburn at the present – and then her brother with sandy blonde hair.

“Hey, Leighton this is my brother, Brexen. Brex, this is Leighton Matthews.” He extends his right hand out to me and flashes a smile. Oh gah… he has dimples and perfect teeth. I feel my cheeks flush and I get butterflies when he grabs my hand. I’m really surprised by my reaction to him. I need to keep myself in check because I am certainly distracted by his appearance.

“Nice to meet you, Leighton,” he says as his large hand wraps around mine. 

**Side note: Apple should create an eyeball emoji with blue eyes instead of the only brown. (RE: eyeballs in the post title)

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