Holding on to Someday

Are you a perfectionist?

Monday Motivation is BAAAAAACK! I took a short sebaticle from these posts to publish a book, but I’m starting them back again.

I will have to admit that I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. It’s annoying sometimes when I just want to simply be done with something–I always go back and read it one more time, check the details, put on a few more finishing touches, rearrange something, etc. Sometimes I get so bogged down in the details that I fail to finish a task because it’s “not quite ready” for me to consider it done.

When writing a book, you need substance before you can have perfection. If I wait for just the right character insipration or the perfect plot planned out, I may never actually start a story. Everyone is different, but I’ve discovered I just have to jump in feet first even if all my deatils are not perfectly planned out.

I’m not saying perfectionism is a bad thing–we should all strive to do our very best–I’m just saying everyone has to start somewhere.

Make some progress. Plot the idea. Finish the chapter. Write the book.

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