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Where the Heart Is - A Finding Home Prequel Novella

Where the Heart Is – Finding Home Prequel Novella

A twin on her own for the first time, a boy with a not-so-subtle crush, and a friendship that holds promise for so much more.

When Bristol is accepted to a different college than her twin brother, Brexen, she’s a little nervous. The big city of Nashville, Tennessee is very different from her small-town upbringing. But she’s not one to shy away from an exciting opportunity.

Meeting Gavin is exactly what she needs to distract her from being homesick. And as their friendship builds, doing homework together isn’t the only chemistry they encounter.

When Bristol’s twin drops out of his college, will the pull from that bond break apart her relationship with Gavin, or will love be strong enough to see them through?

This book is a prequel novella in the Finding Home series. This story leads up to the events of A Half Made Whole.

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A Half Made Whole - Finding Home Book 1

A Half Made Whole – Finding Home Book 1

Two lives forever changed… will they find healing in the journey?

Leighton is finally beginning to recover from the loss of her husband. Trying to move forward, she and her daughter move to a new town so she can begin a new job as an occupational therapist. But she never counted on the way her heart would respond to the wounded firefighter who is battling for his own version of recovery.

Brexen was living his dream until a tragic accident ended his firefighting career, leaving him feeling like half the man he used to be. His intriguing new therapist is just as stubborn as he is, and comes with a little girl that wriggles her way into his heart.

Torn between their pasts and their futures, can Leighton and Brexen finally break down their walls for good and realize that together they can be whole again?

When I Found You - Book 2

When I Found You – Finding Home Book 2

The guy next door is perfect, but the location is all wrong.

Chase spent years being the third wheel and “Cool Uncle Chase” — always on the outside looking in. When he finally meets someone that could change his life, he’ll do anything to hold onto her.

Cait came to Atlanta on a temporary assignment, ready to return home before she’s unpacked her suitcase. Crossing paths with her handsome and charming neighbor has her thinking city living may not be so bad after all.

Cait is torn between family at home and a future with Chase. Will Chase follow his heart or will Cait run away with it?

Holding on to Someday

Holding on to Someday

Clara had it all planned out… graduate from college, get married, find her dream job and start a family of her own. When she met Drew during her senior year of college, she was certain he was the Prince Charming she had been waiting for, the one to complete her fairytale life. Turns out life had different plans. 

Now a single, middle-aged workaholic, Clara has poured herself into building her career, and those dreams of finding love have taken a backseat to her success. She’s been holding out for someday, but when that day finally comes… will she follow her heart or will fate step in yet again?

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